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Pulsar® ALD Process Module
  • Pulsar® ALD Process Module

Pulsar® ALD Process Module

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Pulsar is a process module that deposits by atomic layer deposition (ALD) high-k dielectric materials required for advanced CMOS gate stack and other high-k applications. ASMs Microchemistry division introduced ALD processing to the industry and Pulsar is now in high volume production at advanced customers for high-k metal gate transistors.

The Pulsar process module utilizes the sequential exposure of a heated wafer to gases, which once in the targeted process parameter range, will chemisorb at the surface and react with the chemisorbed molecules to form the desired material. By repeating this cycle, multiple layers are formed up to the desired thickness. A major advantage of ALD is that the self limiting nature of the process enables fully conformal films. Another advantage is that a variety of materials can be formed at relatively low temperature. The Pulsar reactor chamber and source delivery system are optimized for precise gas flow dynamics and minimum purge times, for advanced process control, film purity and uniformity.
Up to four (4) Pulsar process modules can be configured to one of ASM's cluster based wafer handling platforms. The XP platform is our highest capacity wafer handling platform for 300mm wafers. The Polygon 8300 platform is also available for 300mm wafers, while the Polygon 8200 platform handles 200mm and smaller wafers.

• Low volume, isothermal reactor optimized for ALD
• Cross flow reactor design with precise laminar flow
• Unique solid source delivery system
• Inert gas valve design for fast ALD pulse / purge cycling
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